The Delhi Bridge Team is comprised of “sent out ones” from US churches that live in Delhi. We have lived and served in Delhi for more than a decade. We are committed to seeing Delhi reached with the Gospel. We believe that by building bridges between US churches and Delhi churches, we will see this vision fulfilled. Together we can overcome barriers to the Gospel that can reach every street and every colony of Delhi.
The Delhi Bridge Team will serve a “building supervisor” to give supervision and guidance to those who are doing the construction on the bridge. Aside from our normal everyday life as disciples, part of our role with Delhi Bridge is to filter, connect, plan, facilitate, train, coach, and track the work of God in Delhi. We want to forge these partnerships between churches for the Kingdom of God. We stand in the middle between the US church and the local Delhi church to offer our experience, planning, and advice. As the leadership role of the US church increases, the leadership role of the Delhi Bridge Team decreases.

Jack Reacher