India is home to more than a billion people. Delhi, the national capital, is the heart of India.
Delhi is referenced in the two following Hindi idioms.

"Abhi Dilli door hai"

It literally means, "Delhi is still far away", which is generically said about a task or journey still far from completion. The latest census showed that India is 3% Christian. Despite this promising number, Delhi itself is actually less than .04% Christian. Delhi is still very far away. Most of the Christians in India are concentrated in the South and the Northeast parts of the country. North India is still very unreached and unengaged. While being home to 26 million people, no matter where you travel in Delhi, it feels like there is more to see and there is still further to go. “Abi Dilli door hai,” Delhi is still very far away.

"Dilli dilwalon ka shahar”

It means that Delhi belongs to the large-hearted/daring. It is a sprawling city densely populated and polluted by sin. It is one of the greatest concentrations of lostness in the world. There is a palpable attitude of aggression and competition. Everyone is fighting for space, place, and money. Delhi needs Jesus. Almost every South Asian UPG and UUPG can be found within this great city. Many ethnic groups and cultures are represented in Delhi, making it a cosmopolitan city. Being the political and economic hub of northern India, the city attracts workers, both blue collar and white collar, from all parts of India which further enhances its diverse character. At least 70% of the people living in Delhi have come from other states and frequently go back to visit their families. This provides an immense opportunity for the gospel message to spread into every corner of India!!

Delhi is organized by the government into 12 zones. Within each zone are at least 20 wards. Within each ward are at least 8 colonies (neighborhoods). Scattered among these colonies, wards, and zones are 477 slums. There are also more than 80 villages in Delhi. The city is massive!

Delhi Statistics:

  • 12


  • 272


  • 477


  • 2,311


  • 26,000,000


  • <0.4%

    Bible-Believing Christians

  • 477


The statistics seem grim, but our God is great. There is a Gideon’s army of believers in this city that are waiting to be mobilized. More than 100,000 Christians are trying to follow Christ as salt and light in a dark and saltless place. For the most part they are like sheep without a shepherd. The pastors and churches are not spiritually healthy. There is a great lack of biblical servant leadership. There are also very few resources in the local language. They need churches who will pray, come, and care for them as they bring God’s kingdom to Delhi.